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Wininger, Douglas & Green

Stop Debt, Settle Past Due Invoices, Pending Lawsuits and Vendor/Supplier Disputes Quickly.

Stay Out of Court WITHOUT Hiring Expensive Lawyers!
Avoid Litigation & Avoid Bankruptcy!

A Risk-Free + Pay Only-for-Results Approach

To Stop Business Debt, the Best Defense is a Great Offense

Retain a professional negotiator to work on your behalf to stop debt, handle all the embarrassing collection calls, remove the threat of litigation, and AVOID bankruptcy. Let Wininger, Douglas & Green negotiate and reduce your business debts absolutely risk-free.

Since we are not attorneys, you are never charged for consultations, letters, phone calls, paperwork, secretarial fees or legal work. We are a proactive financial business consulting firm operating on a results-only basis. If we don’t reach a satisfactory settlement that you approve of, you pay us nothing. We preserve your operating capital! No results - No fees!

Most settlements are negotiated and finalized in less than two weeks. We have developed a systematic, effective and proven approach for resolving past-due debts. Our system is so effective that the usual savings to you can range from 40% to 80% or more of your accounts payable. Call now to arrange a no-obligation, confidential, risk-free consultation with a Certified Debt Management Professional to help you stop debt. Your fast response translates into more favorable settlements on your behalf. Our eighteen years of experience and expertise virtually guarantees success for you. Don’t hesitate. Act Now!

Business Solutions for Business Problems

   • Bankruptcy Alternatives
   • Financial Crisis Management
   • Pending Lawsuits
   • Disputed Invoices & Statements
   • Judgment Negotiations & Liens
   • Collection Actions
   • Problem Accounts Payable
   • Federal & State Tax Liabilities

Stop Debt
Online Debt Collection

Debt Restructuring
Debt Reduction
Debt Settlement

Wininger, Douglas & Green
Professional Debt Management
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New Paltz, NY 12561

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member  2012

Press Release:
Stop Business Debt! Wininger, Douglas & Green Celebrates 20 Years Service Resolving Debt Disputes

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Wininger, Douglas & Green is a business dispute resolution firm. We are not a law firm and are not engaged in the practice of law, rendering legal opinions or providing legal advice.

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