Reduce business debts 40%-80% without bankruptcy or litigation.
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If we cannot get you a settlement that is to your satisfaction, there is no fee.

Our Debt Collection Strategies Can Help You With Your Accounts Receivable Problems!

Is your company trying to collect a debt from a customer that won’t pay? Our debt collection services can quickly reduce your accounts receivable problems.

Chances are you are one of many other creditors seeking debt collection from past due accounts receivable. Rather than wasting time chasing down the debtor, or sending the file to a collection agency or attorney, it’s in your best interest to collect as much as possible, as soon as possible.

Contact us with all of your problem accounts receivable. With our Pre-Arranged Settlement Program, we will design a workout on each of your accounts based upon your cash needs, expectations, desires and the value of the business you do with each of your customers or clients.

Next we make contact with your customer.  Professionally. Discretely. Tactfully.  Rather than using normal debt collection tactics or threatening legal action, we gently offer them an attractive proposal that not only benefits their business, but also endears them to your company for future business. They will appreciate your approach and they will appreciate you for making the effort.

What could be better than that?

But we don’t stop there!  We will go into that company to fix their financial problems. Then you have the benefits of established customers or clients doing business with you on a COD or probationary credit. When their financial situation is turned around and positive, you will now have a more valued customer paying you on time–every time.

Your chief benefit is, rather than alienating your customer with debt collection calls and hindering your relationship, we actually help with all their financial problems–making them able to pay upon agreed terms, reduce their debt and increase available cash or credit lines.

Our debt collection service costs you nothing except your terms of compromise in working out pre-arranged settlement terms with us. There isn’t even a charge for our consultation so you can make an intelligent business decision regarding your past-due, delinquent and uncollected debts. 

What could be better than that?

Compare that to paying an agency 40% to 50% and losing the account permanently. Additionally, you don’t even assign the account to us. Our professional service is conducted with no charge to you whatsoever. You receive cash. Immediately. You retain the customer.

What could be better than that?

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