Reduce business debts 40%-80% without bankruptcy or litigation.
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   Our Ethics

Our Guarantee


If we cannot get you a settlement that is to your satisfaction, there is no fee.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

  1. Always act in our client’s best interest in our representations and actions.
  2. Maintain client confidentiality.
  3. Never disclose financial statements, financial position or any other information regarding client’s legal matters or business disputes without the express consent of the client and only for the sole purpose of furthering the client’s interest.
  4. Initiate negotiations in a timely fashion and obtain reasonable and customary settlements of disputes at the very first opportunity.
  5. Discuss fee arrangements in advance and in a clearly worded signed agreement.
  6. Accept assignments only when positive and legitimate benefits can be provided.
  7. Provide written settlement documentation to client in a timely manner.
  8. Refer client to the legal community for any matter that warrants the opinion, advice or the services of a qualified legal professional.
  9. Never offer, give or provide any legal counseling or legal advice to the client.
  10. Respect the representation of all attorneys, collection agencies and other parties appointed to represent creditors.
  11. Avoid misrepresentation in action, word or deed and diligently maintain truth, trust and respect in all communications.
  12. Remove oneself from any case or dispute that give the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  13. Use practical and dignified means for friendly and professional behavior during any and all negotiations, representations and settlements.
  14. Always act in good faith, deal fairly and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.